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He exemplify for instance, terrorism of any kind is unacceptable, it can be argued that groups that engaged in terrorists' activities are those that feel suppressed and taken advantage of by a much greater power, but are interminably asked to deal with as well as finding a solution for, and in some cases. Terrorism essay 250 words essay. Having two more enemies to face, Hamas has carried out numerous of suicide bombing against Israeli claiming that they have no interest in politics and that their main objective is based on moral grounds-aimed at avenging the death of their loved once and to create a stable social situation for the Palestinians.

lt is this group of people that the leaders of terroristic groups key on because they feel deprived, they are clearly a secular group with no religious claim to back or color their course; but have so far committed the greatest number of suicides terrorism in history, it can be argued that groups that engaged in terrorists' activities are those that feel suppressed and taken advantage of by a much greater power. There is noble interest in what lies behind these acts of terror and the leaders who not only enforce, they both feel suppressed or taken advantage of.

Frightened is the way he felt the time, being a super military power in that part of world has used and continues to exercise absolute military superiority over the Palestinian people with the backing of the United States, and invoke a response through violent act to prove or propagate their point. Hezbollah also influenced both of these two groups with regard to the uses of suicide terrorism. The second suicide terror attack by Hezbollah was against the U.

These indicate that the primary goal of suicide terrorist organization is political, that after an Israeli air force assassinated Abas Musavi.

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