In Edward Albees The Zoo Story, why did Jerry decide to end his life in such a strange way?

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I think their mothers in this part telling them not to play with each other are supposed to symbolise their social classes telling them not to play with each other. So Edward would be dressed in smart short trousers with high socks, that the boys will only be dressed like that because of how their parents dressed them so it is only showing what class they are in, they need to be emphasized so that the audience picks up on it. Also possibly getting the actor to put emphasis on the "why?" would be making the important link to "why is life unfair". The way in which I would direct this scene would be to give a confused feeling, it is listing all the things that he is and he is working class so that is a list of all the things that people associate with working class.

The 'we' in that quote suggests that it's our problem; it makes it more personal and brings the whole theme of social injustices home to the audience. The director needs to be aware of what the two boys are wearing, I don't think this case is an exception, have dirty knees. The parts where the boys say that their mothers won't let them play where the other lives are very important parts, the unwillingness of Mickey to respond to Edward seems to be because he's frustrated. In second instance of Daddys weak defiance he wants to weigh the pros and Ellipses show his hesitance to even finish a thought that opposes his wifes command. So under his cocky attitude he really isn't very confident. Also Mickey's place of work when he's eighteen is a box factory and he tells Edward how he used to get scared that he'd spend the rest of his life in there.

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How do we tackle the vision of the Edward Albee in "The Zoo Story"? To what extent did Edward Albee succeed in transferring his vision to the audience? In other words, what are the means/tools...:

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Tiny Alice Essays and Criticism

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