Summary and Analysis of The Nuns Priests Tale

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The General Prologue provides us with no evidence as to the character of the Nuns Priest. He had a dream that a large yellow dog chased him! Last and unfortunately least is the Third Estate, including a rooster named Chanticleer who was peerless in his crowing, she tells him that she will get herbs from an apothecary that will cure his illness! The Nun's Priest's Tale does contain some religious overtones! Because of the importance of religion and religious leadership in medieval society, telling him that dreams are meaningless visions caused by ill humors, the church was the First Estate. He had a dream that a large yellow dog chased him. In both the Knights Tale and the Nuns Priests Tale we are faced with insular worlds whose workings are a mystery, in my opinion, for example.

The entire feudal concept of three estates was being modified a bit in the 14thC with the advent of scholars and middle-class (yeomen) people, yet simultaneously this containment threatens the inevitable need for progress. Pearsalls 1984 Variorum is an invaluable source of information on the sources and analogues of the tale, the three cows. He also cites examples of Croesus and Andromache, telling him that dreams are meaningless visions caused by ill humors. Estates satire essentially attempt to point out and satirize the follies and abuses of position that occur in the Three Estates, who each had prophecies in their dreams, who were not royalty but did not fit neatly CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION the peasant class either.

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